Become A Partner

What is your scope of work?

Partners will be responsible for setting up and managing a thin organization to provide front-end lifecycle service support to customers including sales, installation, service assurance, collection and retention in the assigned territory unit.

How much can you expect as Return on Investment?

With 30 – 35% revenue share, partners can expect an annualized return of 40% for 2nd year and 60% for 3rd year of operation.

What will be the size of your territory?

Partners will operate in a territory of about 10 to 15 square kilometers, corresponding to the area serviced by a Fiber Distribution Node (FDN) – considered as one unit – on an exclusive basis. Partners can bid for operating in more than one such territory unit.

How many customers will you be handling?

Each territory will have a customer base of approx. 1,500 – 2,000 subscribers. DheeraNet’s existing subscribers in the respective territory will also be serviced by the partner.

How do you become a partner?

To participate in this exciting journey with Dheera Net, please fill in the details in the form given alongside.

What support will you get from Dheera Net Services?

The Company will extend all the support to partners necessary for them to smoothly carry out their responsibilities. This includes, spectrum acquisition, technology selection, creation and maintenance of core network infrastructure, managing IP pool and bandwidth requirements, legal and regulatory obligations, IT systems and processes, Data Center, Call Center, training, marketing communications, logistics, etc.